UWL150-M67 Underwater Ultra Wide Angle Conversion Wet Lens

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X-ADVENTURER UWL150-M67 is a underwater ultra wide angle wetlenses, featuring unmatched contrast, overall sharpness, corner sharpness, and clarity. It offers 150 degrees field of view with 24mm lens and M67 mounting type. The lens is perfectly work for SONY RX100 and CANON G7X series camera.

UWL150-M67 is designed by four high quality optical glasses and one hard coated polycarbonate dome. The high refractive index lenses and low dispersion lenses had been used to correct unwanted aberration. All glass lenses have been coated with Broadband Anti-Reflection (BBAR) Coating. Each lens surface is guaranteed to provide less than 0.5% reflectivity over the visible spectrum (420nm???80nm). Besides the ultra-wide angle shot, the lens will extend the hyper-focal distance. User can capture a very close distance object with a wideview background. UWL150-M67 was built with a custom design Lens Hood. It minimizes the flare and give the best protection to the lens.


Lens Construction: 5 elements and 5 groups (4G1P)
Magnification: 0.47X
Competible Camera (up to):  1???amp;nbsp;Camera Sensor (size: 13.2mm x 8.8mm , 24mm (35mm Equivalent) and f/4.0 Lens 
Field of View Conversation: 24mm=>150° /  28mm=>127°  /  35mm=>103.6°
Dome Lens: Optical Grade Polycarbonate Resin
Glass/Coating: Optical Glass / Multi-Layer BBAR Coating
Material: Aluminum with Type II Anodizing
Mounting: M67 x P0.75 Thread
Dimensions: Ø150 x 88mm
Weight: 690g (Air) / 255g (Underwater)
Depth Rate: 60m (200ft)