UWL90-M52 Compact Underwater Standard Wide Angle Conversion Wet Lens

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X-ADVENTURER SGC WETLENSES UWL90-M52 Compact Conversion Lens is a standard wide angle lens choice for many compact camera housings. It offers 90 degrees field of view with 24mm lens and 52mm mounting type. The lens is perfectly work for Olympus TG4 TG5 and TG6 camera.

This lens features full zoom through, allowing you to shoot at any focal length on your camera. This gives much more flexibility than many other wet wide angle lenses which are limited to just the wide end. Shoot both wide and portrait style photos without removing the lens underwater!

Lens Construction: 2 elements and 2 groups (1G1P)
Magnification: 0.72X
Competible Camera (up to)4/3???amp;nbsp;Camera Sensor (size: L17.3mm x W13mm)  , 24mm (35mm Equivalent) and f/1.4 Lens 
Field of View Conversation: 24mm=>90° /  28mm=>80.4°  /  35mm=>64.8°
Dome Lens: Optical Grade Polycarbonate Resin
Glass/Coating: Optical Glass / Multi-Layer BBAR Coating
Material: Aluminum with Type II Anodizing
Mounting: M52 x P0.75 Thread
Dimensions: Ø92.8 x 50.6mm
Weight: 240g (Air) / 80g (Underwater)
Depth Rate: 60m (200ft)