M1000-WRA Smart Focus Video Light (Wide light + Red light + Auto-Shut-Off)
M1000-WRA is a Light weight and compact design video light, build-in 1000 lumens flood light and 200 lumens red light. The light support Auto-Shut-Off (Shuts off light automatically for half a second when strobe is fired ). Rechargeable Li-ion battery. The control push ..
M15000 Undetwater High CRI Photo Video Light
M15000 is a high CRI undetwater video light, build-in 15000 lumens flood light, the light adopts a COB LED which significantly enhances the Color Rendering Index (CCK 5600K, CRI=Ra96, TCLI:97, R9:94) to be very close to the noon sunlight. No multi-shadow effect.  Build-in battery le..
M2500-WSRBA 4in1 Smart Focus Video Light with Auto Flash-Off
The M2500-WSRBA is a all in one Smart Underwater Photo / Video light, build-in 2500 lumens  Flood Video light, 300 lumens Snoot Light, 200 lumens Red focus light and 6W Blue light. The light support Auto Flash-Off (Shuts off light automatically for half a second when strobe is fired ). Buil..
M3000-WRUA II Smart Focus Video Light with Strobe Mode
X-ADVENTURER M3000-WRUA II  Smart Focus Video Light is a true all-in-one unit. On the surface it is a compact, only 125.5mm long, 3000 lumen video light with high-quality COB LED style array. On top of this, it also has 200 lumen red beam and a 18W UV beam for fluorodiving. Support Auto-Shut-Of..
M6000-WRBT II Undetwater Smart Focus Video Light  with Strobe Mode
X-ADVENTURER M6000-WRBT II 6000 lumen video/spotting light with AFO features and 6000-lumen LED flash.The X-ADVENTURER M6000-WRBT II Smart Focus 6000 is a light with surprisingly many features. Firstly it is a super-powerful led video light with a high-quality COB LED light source that produces a na..
M8000 Undetwater High CRI Smart Focus Video Light
The light's COB LED delivers a whopping 96 CRI and a TLCI value of 97, with 8000 lumen 130° untra wide light, support Strobe Flash & Auto-Shut-Off & Turbo mode (Strobe Flash mode and Turbo mode even 15000 lumen). This Video light is an ideal photo/video light which helps you to focus your ..
RL3000 Ring Light with Strobe Flash Mode
RL3000 is a Light weight and Ring-shaped design photographic video light, build-in 1800 lumens flood light and 200 lumens red light.  Rechargeable Li-ion battery. The control buttons + Knob allow easy operation with one hand. Build-in battery level indicator. The light comes wit..
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