M1500-WRA Smart Focus Video Light (Wide light + Red light + Auto-Shut-Off)
M1500-WRA is a Light weight and compact design video light, build-in 1500 lumens flood light and 200 lumens red light. The light support Auto-Shut-Off (Shuts off light automatically for half a second when strobe is fired ). Rechargeable Li-ion battery. The control push ..
M15000 Undetwater High CRI Photo Video Light
M15000 is a high CRI undetwater video light, build-in 15000 lumens flood light, the light adopts a COB LED which significantly enhances the Color Rendering Index (CCK 5600K, CRI=Ra96, TCLI:97, R9:94) to be very close to the noon sunlight. No multi-shadow effect.  Build-in battery le..
M2500-WSRBA 4in1 Smart Focus Video Light with Auto Flash-Off
The M2500-WSRBA is a all in one Smart Underwater Photo / Video light, build-in 2500 lumens  Flood Video light, 300 lumens Snoot Light, 200 lumens Red focus light and 6W Blue light. The light support Auto Flash-Off (Shuts off light automatically for half a second when strobe is fired ). Buil..
M4500-WSRUA Smart Focus Video Light with Strobe Mode
X-ADVENTURER M4500-WSRUA  Smart Focus Video Light is a true all-in-one unit. 4500 lumens Ra85 CRI White light (Strobe mode and Turbo mode even 6,000 lumens),  300 lumens Snoot light, 200 lumens Red light,  18W UV light. this light is an ideal photo / video light which helps you to f..
M7000-WRGBU Undetwater Smart Focus Video Light  with Strobe Mode
The X-ADVENTURER M7000-WRGBU Smart Focus is a light with surprisingly many features. Firstly it is a super-powerful led video light with a high-quality COB LED light source that produces a natural 7000-lumen beam. The light unit also includes red, blue, green and UV LED’s for night and fluoro diving..
M8000 Undetwater High CRI Smart Focus Video Light
The light's COB LED delivers a whopping 96 CRI and a TLCI value of 97, with 8000 lumen 130° untra wide light, support Strobe Flash & Auto-Shut-Off & Turbo mode (Strobe Flash mode and Turbo mode even 15000 lumen). This Video light is an ideal photo/video light which helps you to focus your ..
RL3000 PRO Ring Light with Strobe Flash Mode
X-ADVENTURER RL3000 PRO ring light is a professional underwater macro light, built-in 1800 lumens high CRI white light (strobe flash mode 3000 lumens) and 100 lumens red light.  Button/knob/battery indicator three-in-one design, easy to operate, obvious battery level display. It supports respec..
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