BAL-2 Video Light Ball Mount
Brand: X-ADVENTURERModel: BAL-2Compatible: M2600-WRUA, M3000-WRUA, M4500-WSRUA, M6000-WRBT, M7000-WRGBU, M8000, M15000..
INON Z240 Z330 Ball mount
■ Full length: 45mm■ Weight: 30g  [air] / approx.18g  [underwater]..
MOU-1 Flash Light YS Mount
Brand: X-ADVENTURERModel: MOU-1Compatible: M900, M900W, M1000-WR, M1000-WRA, M1200 or other 24.5mm diameter flash light body..
YS-2 Video Light YS Mount
Brand: X-ADVENTURERModel: YS-2Compatible: M2000, M2500, M2500 PRO, M2600-WSRU, M2600-WSRT, M2600-WRUA, M2800-WSRU, M3000-WRUA, M3500-WSRU, M3800-WSRU TRUE COLOR, M5000-WSRU, M6000-WRBT, M10000-W..
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